GTE Perfecting Educational Output

GTE Perfecting Educational Output

GTE Perfecting Educational Output

This division focuses on young entrepreneurs from the ages of 18 (turning 19) years and older. We provide training and support in terms of the various development areas as required

The following are the requirements to be a participating member in the programme:

  • Young entrepreneurs who have a clearly defined business venture and have commenced with the concept.
  • Candidates have to present their businesses to a panel of adjudicators as part of a criteria for selection.
  • Candidates have to undergo Strength Finder Assessment to identify their inner strength before being allowed onto the programme.
  • They would then undergo various training, in line with their elected projects

Our services include:

Through strategic partnerships, GTE offers courses that are accredited & non-accredited. It is GTE’s aim to provide practical skills that would propel the candidates to pursue opportunities in business.

Our basic focus is to encourage entrepreneurship rather than provide employment.

Cost of Service

Strength Builder Profile 10 Assessment & Development

Strength Builder Profile 10 Assessment & Development: R 1050 per candidate

  • Ideal for anyone from young people, Staff to Supervisors, Entrepreneurs and Management)
  • R 950.00 per candidate for a group of 10 and more
  • Includes a Coaching and Development: Seminar
  • Continuous articles and online message sharing relating to self-development and strength enhancement

Terms & Conditions Apply

Other Training

Strength Builder Profile 10 Assessment & Development: R 950 per candidate

  • Training in areas of choice will dependent on individual course chosen.
  • Training opportunities will be uploaded from time to time, as they become available.
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